Saturday, August 13, 2011

Glorious Garage Door

Well it is official we are supremely happy with our choice of panel lift garage door and the colour as now we have seen it in real life we personally think the dune works great with the bricks. Phew and double phew as we are having the cladding painted to match and the downpipes and the water tank so it would be disastrous if we decided we hated it.

The cladding boards have been delivered and are currently lying down on the driveway covered in black plastic.

Here are some happy snaps.
Garage Door - Colorbond Dune

Close Up


Cladding Delivered

Cladding Boards


  1. Beautiful coloured garage door guys! Love the colour :) Our gutters and downpipes are dune also and we love the colour! Cladding will look amazing once its up. House is moving will be in before you know it!

  2. Hi...I was interested to know how the cladding arrives? Is it undercoated or do you choose a colour - it look's like it's Dune?

    Love the garage door!

  3. Thanks Tonia - yes it looks like we will be in before Xmas. here in Qld they just get on with everything all at once, now waiting for bricks to finsh before the plasterboard goes in. I can't believe how much has happened in 10 weeks.

    Hi Leonie
    the cladding comes in weatherboard no undercoat and then gets painted once it has been installed.
    The paint colour we have chosen is a match for colorbond dune so hopefully will look good as we have a lot of cladding on the front and rear of the house on the upper story.

  4. Hi Rachel
    I am in middle of selecting the color of cladding on upper floor. Have choosen the bricks " Blackheath " color from Boral Bricks.

    The roof and gutter colors are suftmist grey. Can u please put new photo of your finished house showing exterior with bricks and dune color cladding.