Thursday, August 4, 2011


The house is zooming along I can't believe how much is happening. The bi fold doors have been rehung to be as flush as possible - it looks like we will have a lip of around 3mm which we have decided we can live with. Apparently Duce have changed the way these doors have been constructed and we have ended up with a different sill shape to what they expected.
The bricks for the first floor are nearly complete and another load of bricks has arrived. The first delivery was only half of what we need. We plan to gather up as many unused bricks as possible to use for some retaining walls for the garden beds at a later date. And the gyprock has been plastered.

OK can anyone out there answer this elusive deep and philosophical question.....
Why is it that some trades are such pigs?
The plasterers had no respect, they smoke inside your house even though the SS has told them not to (I caught them red handed and firmly gave them what for), they leave half eaten pizza on the floor, cans and bottles of drink everywhere - is it too much to put your damn rubbish in the bin?! Obviously! I wonder if at home when they finish their meal if they just toss it on the floor? Oh then there is the suspicion that they were having a beer or two on site given the neatly stacked beer bottles back in the box in the bin. Can't prove that one but my instincts say I'm right. Annoyed so I gave the SS a call and he went off because he had only told them in the morning no smoking and then had to give them a revving about the mess earlier in the day.

I'm amazed at the level of disregard this is my house you are working on and their place of work. Could you imagine if in your office everyone smoked then threw the butts on the floor, drank coffee and soft drink and tossed the empties anywhere they liked, ate their lunches then left half eaten pizza on the floor and then had a beer? Hmm just wouldn't happen would it! Amazing. In our house we have simple rules: Respect, no smoking and no alcohol so you can imagine this type of behaviour pushes a button or two for us.
Our son (4yrs old) is making a no smoking sign, along with a put your rubbish in the bin and one for respect. he's so funny he gets more annoyed about it than we do as he feels they should be able to keep the place nice.

OK rant over this is what is planned for next week:
Scaffolding for brickwork to the second storey to arrive
Upstairs gets blue wrapped
Bricks to continue
Kitchen cabinets arrive
Wet areas get prepared
Stairs delivered and installed
Garage door (I think we will be locked out then)
Cornices and architraves

Wow it's going to be a busy busy site.
Didn't get photos as I was so disgusted with the mess and didn't want to go in the house as it felt awful.


  1. Drove past yesterday, looks good. Noticed however that there is no insulation going in on the external walls. Metricon standard inclusions (dec 2010) states sisalation wall wrap and 1.5 insulation to external walls) I was thinking this means the R1.5 rated wall batts together with sisalation. What do you think? San

  2. The upper level will be blue wrapped once the scaffolding arrives tomorrow. Then they brick over it. The blue wrap is the sisalation and no we don't get batts as the wrap is the bog standard in the industry.
    You're slabs in so I guess you'll be getting your frame soon. And you neighbours on #7 are also buildg with M
    so that makes about 8 M builds on site now

  3. In answer to your question in our contract we only get wrap. The soho next to us has wrap and insulation batts. That may be part of their package (depends when you sign your contract for what is included in your base price) or it may be due to the fact they have black roof and black bricks so they had to have extra insulation to meeet requirements. So if it says batts in your contract then batts you will have.