Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scaffolding, No Ladders But Lots Of Photos

The scaffolding was delivered and erected yesterday ready for more insulation wrap, bricks and cladding to go on the second floor. The cornices have been finished off and look very neat and professional. The house looks huge inside now; erm well it is after all but the place is filthy dust, screws, plaster, wood shavings, cigarette butts (!?), food scraps, empty bottles of soft drink and general building debris everywhere. Will be giving that a good sweep as we don't want rubbish under the gyprock when the architraves get fitted. Outside looks like a bomb has hit but we are learning to turn a blind eye, anything other than building rubble we pick up and put in the bin as we don't want litter all over the place. Yes we are totally anal but it is our block of land and we don't want it becoming a cesspit.

I really wanted to go upstairs and have a proper look around but hang on a minute where are the ladders? Oh oh they've gone along with the platform scaffolding that goes over the void where the stairs are to go. This is the first time since frame that we can stand and look from the bottom to the top of the house. The hallway and entrance areas are huge and judging from the space now the ladder platform is gone the staircase will be as well. It's awesome to be able to appreciate the scale of our yet to be home and see how each area downstairs will flow. We are already planning where the furniture will go. Sadly we won't be off buying new pieces as for now we will make do with what we have and make additions and changes along the way. With so much in storage I can't even remember what half our things even look like any more.

Now for the progress photos be warned there are quite a few.

Living Room

Kitchen and Dining Room
Garage Brickwork
Yummy Bricks
Outdoor Room Ceiling Plastered
Stacks More Bricks
Looking Out From The Family Room

First Floor Bricked

Family Room

Looking Across To Kitchen and Dining Room From Family Room

Hallway, Opening Into Living Room

En suite Bath

En suite Shower and Vanities Plus WC

Bathroom (Should Have Made That Window Bigger?)

The Boy's Bedroom Note Access Hatch Bottom Right


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