Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stairs, Sinks, Waterproofed or Whirlibirds Are Go!

It was all quite on site when we went for a nose around yesterday afternoon, more doors have arrived and all the sinks have been delivered. The railings have been finished on the stairs and we are really pleased with how they look, it's very difficult when making choices at Studio M to envisage how it will all come together and what it will actually be like once it's in your home. At this stage we are not sure how the area underneath is to be finished off - is it filled in or just simply left open? There is nothing indicated on the plans and as we have never seen a Nolan in real life before we have no idea, maybe a look on the Metricon website might give us a hint.
I love my stairs they look and feel beautiful it was totally brilliant to be able to walk up and down them, they will be even better once they've been stained.

The wet areas have been waterproofed so now it looks like black tar has been spread all over the bathroom floors, shower areas and sides of the bath.

And much to our son's excitement we have two whirliebirdies on the roof! (cheep, cheep)

Upstairs Wrapped

Stairs and Railings

Everything and The Kitchen Sink

Stairs With A View

Top of The Stairs

Banisters From Leisure Room

Waterproofed Bathroom

Ensuite Watertight

Shower and Ensuite Toilet Waterproofing

Whirliebirds Are Go!

There is one tiny thing that has been bugging me and now I know what it is......the down pipe for the garage has been positioned so that it will be coming down over the front right side directly in the front of the house over the first column of bricks. I'm worried it will end up blocking out the position of the outdoor feature light and will be the first thing you notice about the facade when you come up the a nutshell will it be ugly, ruin the aesthetics and symmetry of the house and hide the outdoor light? On the plans it is supposed to be on the right hand side of the garage towards the front. I must speak to the SS about the possibility of moving it. Sandy says she thinks its been put on the front as that is the lowest point of the roof and I think she may be right on this one. However I'm still going to ask the question can it be moved as you never know.

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