Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vanity Insanity

OK who thinks having your vanity way off centre is a good idea?
Who thinks having your vanity finish 6cm from your shower screen at one end and over a meter from the bath the other is a good idea?
Obviously the drafting department at Metricon do aaahhhhhhhh ahhhh and ahhh again.
Also the cabinet maker/installer also thinks that this looks nice, is practical and works well as he fitted it without questioning whether it was right.
Now let me explain. Had a lovely look around the house yesterday was enjoying showing it to my mom who is down visiting and having mini break with us and getting to appreciate my amazing kitchen and how great all the cabinets are until........I walked in to my ensuite. What the expletive is the vanity doing there?!!! Why isn't it centred between the bath and the shower etc and so on. No it looks like poop its not what I want I'm unhappy I'm calling the SS. Whats on the plans? Drive back to house dig out plans and oh poop and double poop that's how its been drawn. Noooooo how did we miss that!

The Vanity - Note Big Space From Bath (Left) and No Space To Shower (Right Where Black Waterproofing Is)
Quick call to the SS to very calmly and gently explain that it is not what we wanted we had asked for it to be centred in the space, no we didn't have that in writing we assumed it was basic common sense. Duh that's how they are in the display homes. Yes I admitted it was drawn on the plans and we hadn't noticed after all we only checked the cabinet design not where it was going to be positioned. How annoying, how did we miss that!

Take note guys check the drawings over and over and over again put them away and then look at them several more times before agreeing. The problem is they don't give you the elevations until final contract and then you are so busy reading the small print you don't notice the vanity is a Siamese twin with the shower frame.

Anyway SS said he'll go take and look and get back to us. I told him if it wasn't changed I would cry every day and ring him to tell him I'm still not happy. Let's see what happens as so far they've been really good at sorting things out. I figure if they can erase pot draws without breaking into a sweat they can just amend our plans, post date them and move the vanity. Voila everyone is happy.

And now for the good stuff - Happy Birthday To Me 42 Today oh and some kitchen pictures

The Island Bench Being Constructed

The Kitchen Cabinets

And From The Other Side


  1. Good luck with getting them to change it. Really though, it should not be difficult at this stage because the tap plumbing uses flexible piping and they can always adjust the waste. Depends on your supervisor; and him not going thru the office! We'got a similar space between the vanity and bath in our ensuite. The vanity is against the wall next the shower. We liked the space because that's where the heated towel rail is going. If they don't change it you could do the same.

  2. Looks like we will be able to get it solved after speaking to our SS again today but I think it is going to cost us extra so here's hoping we get a credit on the pot drawers they took off the kitchen design

  3. I saw your update. That's good news; and it's good to have a sympathetic supervisor. Ours has been good too, as we've asked for a couple of small changes of him during our build and he said he'd do it without HO knowing so we don't get charged! For example, my wife wanted a niche in the entry hall, but during colours were told we couldn't. Once the frame was up, my wife asked our supervisor and he got it done for us! He's good like that. :)

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