Saturday, February 5, 2011

Colours and Laminate Samples

Back to Studio M to go through more colour selections, will have to pluck up courage to face all those laminate samples again today. Best to start in the Tile Studio I think.

Tile Studio
There are 13 colours to choose from in the standard range, both the floor and wall tiles look more than suitable, we'll be able to create a fantastic look with those. We considered upgrading for a split second until we found out it would cost $50-$150 per sq meter to do so. Gulp!
Tile consultant explains most people choose their cabinet and paint colours first then do the tiles around that so there is no more putting it off laminex samples here we come.

Studio M
It's nice a quiet when we arrive so the atmosphere is much more relaxed and we can take our time to confirm our choices, make our way around each section and ask questions when confusion sets in. So this is what makes the list today:
  • Gutters, fascias and downpipes - Monument (colorbond)
  • Garage colorbond Dune
  • Cladding not sure if we can choose a style but will want to paint it similar colour to Dune
  • Carpet - sisal. Have 3 colours we like a lot will need help deciding. Will upgrade underlay to rubber not sure which grade
  • Confirm happy with promo taps, door handles
  • Wall hung vanities continue to look gorgeous and Sandy just "simply must have them"
How we choose cabinet colours - one goes off and picks all the laminex and bench top samples they like whilst the other sits and watches DVD's with the kids then we swap, if we have both picked the same sample it makes the top 10 and those that are single picks are left to be defended, justified and campaigned for once we get home after hitting the beach. Pretty simple eh?
Cabinet and Paint Colour Contenders

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