Friday, February 18, 2011

Package Cost and Site Fees

The breakdown of the package price of $367,019 so we know what we get for the money:

  • Nolan 45 Chateau               $325,780
  • Site Works                           $11,075  (including Cut & Fill, Building Pad preparation, slab upgrade, concrete piering, retaining walls, storm water drains and surface drains, storm water rubble pit, etc)
  • Rainwater Tank                   $6,355   (including all connections, pump, concrete slab, etc Mandatory)
  • Additional Garage               $13,438
  • Grand Outdoor Room          $6,425
  • Butler’s Pantry                   $3,946
  • Total                                  $367,019
Some times Metricon offer to do fixed price site costs as part of the deal which can prove to be good value if you think your site may throw up unexpected challenges. We opted not to go with this as the block of land is so flat we knew we wouldn't need much cut and fill and we had a relatively good idea what class the soil would be from having soil tests done recently in the next suburb for the business renovations.  Initially we were quoted nearly $14,000 site costs so you can see in our case we made the right choice as we saved $3000. Our original construction costs also included a driveway at $11,200 we decided not to include this as we already have half a drive pre-prepared so can most likely get it done for half this price after the build is complete.


  1. Hi there ... Just wondering why M charged you an extra $6425 for a grand outdoor room when you have already paid for the rumpus room in the base price. Are they changing this amount for the concrete to be laid in the area where it leads out from the dining. ?? Just a bit confused.

  2. No we get no concrete. The cost is for pillars and support beams, roof etc. we were given a credit for not having a rumpus room and then they list the grand outdoor room as a fee. So in reality it was a reduction from the base price, its just the way metricon list things. The outdoor room runs the entire back of the house with a bifold door from the dining room and another from the family room.