Sunday, February 13, 2011

North Lakes Display

Kitchen and Butler's Pantry
 I think we are becoming obsessed with houses as we couldn't help but pop in to the new Metricon display at North Lakes on the way home from visiting family on the Sunshine Coast. There are 2 single storey homes including a Belize, a double (sorry can't remember which one) and another double a Franklin to be completed in March. This display is gorgeous the homes are beautifully presented with the most amazing furniture thanks to those clever interior designers and feature all those wonderful upgrades which sell the dream so perfectly.
Sandy and I used this opportunity to get a detailed look at the lighting, checking out configurations and seeing where it looks too dark, the walk in robe areas seem to suffer from a lack of light so I think we'll be opting for an extra fitting or two to compensate.

Powder Room

The sales staff were marginally more helpful than our last visit but have a total lack of interest once they either find out you have not bought a block of land yet, you are not after a house and land package nor are you wanting to build at North Lakes. Cynically we figure it's because there is no commission in it for them so why waste their time when there is so much fresh meat ready to buy and to upgrade to anything because they have fallen in love. At least I scored a new brochure today, the old one is only holding together by shear will power and much sticky tape after being thoroughly explore from cover to cover.

Family Room
Floor Tiles (definately an upgrade)

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