Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heathwood Display

Another fact finding mission to the display houses at Heathwood near Forest Lake. The displays here show more of the standard finishes such as aluminium windows, basic cabinets, shower frames, doors and handles. Not much in the way of fancy CaeserStone, timber windows and flash upgrades but it's good to get an idea of the differences in quality and what you get for the money.
We have specifically come to look at the Newhaven as it has the timber, cantilever stairs which we have only seen n photos so far. When looking to invest $8k in something I want to give it a test drive first.
The Newhaven has been done to a higher standard than the other 2 houses on site and has the exact carpet we have picked out, shoes off let's see how it feels. Soft and warm but not very plush, in fact it feels like walking on concrete. Oh how disappointing, craftly lift a corner of carpet up to check out which underlay they have used, it only has upgrade rubber 1 which we thought would be ok but after walking on that we will be investing in the best underlay we can afford.

The stairs look smart but I don't like them in the pale finish and now I'm concerned that the balaustrade in the leisure room may end up looking like a cage due to the stainless steel bars. Must see if I can find photos of that to put my mind at ease.

Master suite wall with niche

Rendered portico - like the colour?

Stairs and stair lights
Recessed shower shelf

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  1. Yes i love the colour of the portico - what is this lovely colour?Is it woodland grey or Jasper? Its quite an olive greeny colour - fab next to the plants!! What is the light beige colour next to it also? We are rendering soon and I like your render colours Thankyou