Friday, February 11, 2011

How Much?

We are working out our expected total build cost so have been researching how much our hard and soft landscaping is likely to be as we only have limited idea what to budget for. I can recommend going on forums (all though half the time it is people rabbiting on with little substance which I find annoying as I just want a simple answer!), getting quotes from tradies websites or finding out how much things cost per square meter and working it out from there. Obviously doing some things yourself like the prep work for the lawn can save you money as long as you have the know how to do it correctly.
This is what I have worked out so far:
Driveway $4-5k
Pavers and laying $10k. No idea what prep is needed yet or what that will cost so this figure is probably way out.
Fence $10k but should be able to get neighbours to pay their share.
Turf with top soil and laying approx $35/sqm. Looks like we'll need 400sqm.

We have a fairly large 1000m block and have taken a less than educated guess that to do the driveway, pavers, fence and lawns will cost up to $50k (gulp!). It will be interesting to see if we are anywhere near the mark when the time comes.

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