Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prelim is Signed!

After triple checking the preliminary contract several times and agreeing everything we wanted was listed I noticed last night that the window in the reconfigured bathroom was ultra tiny and looked quite lost from the rear elevation. We have asked for it to be made larger and higher. Glad we caught that before the final contract as it could have cost us an extra $1500 in drafting and drawing fees. I knew there was a reason for waiting another week before signing off on it.

So with the fine tuning completed  and a flurry of initials we signed the papers and paid another $1000 - looks like we are building a house!!
It will take around 4 weeks for the final contract to be drawn up and then we will know what the spend is so far.

Couldn't help but go for a drive to admire our patch of dirt and grass afterwards, it's hard to imagine what it will look like in a few months time once the build is underway.

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