Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Block of Land

Our bit of dirt before building starts
This is our 1000sqm of land, it actually extends past the tree to the left of shot but I couldn't fit it all in on this snap.
Oddly enough no matter where we have lived we seem to have gotten a power pole out front. We don't mind too much though as this one also doubles up as a street light which always makes us feel more secure.
Due to a vegetation covenant council insists the house must be set back a minimum of 10m not the normal 6m from the front boundary and that the 10m wide strip must be planted with natives. We are not the most avid of gardeners and find it almost impossible to distinguish between a plant and a weed yet alone what is a native plant or not.
Can't wait to see our little Metricon board go up like on one of the other blocks. I wonder which house they have choosen?


  1. What suburb if you dont me asking??

  2. I'd rather not say publicly - wouldn't want to have house blog stalkers!!! but it is western suburbs of Brisbane

  3. That's ok, on second look at the pic i recognise it! lol! we looked at that estate before it came up for sale but was out of our price bracket, beautiful spot though! well done!