Friday, February 4, 2011

Fine Tune Prelim Contract

Popped in to the display homes at Underwood for another look seeing as Austral bricks is only a few minutes drive away and were surprised to see our SC Greg there on his day off, apparently he had swapped shifts. He suggested that if we waited an hour we could go through and make amendments to the prelim today rather than Sat morning as scheduled. No problem saves us another trip so I'm off to relax by the pool while Sandy goes and takes some measurements and more photos.

Upgrade doors on butler's pantry and powder room to 2340mm and change to timber with translucent glass
Provide eave over front of garage door and gym area
Remove laminate finish to bulkhead above overhead kitchen cupboards as we have changed our minds after looking at the kitchens this morning
Alter fridge opening to 1000mm and provide plasterboard bulkhead over
Fly screens to all openable windows and sliding doors. Approx $45 a window - good price.
Get a quote on 2kw solar system

This appointment took about 90 minutes as there are a lot of points to cover but it is worth it to make sure you get what you ask for. Once the plans go to final contract you will have to pay to have the plans redrawn if you make any structural changes so it makes sense to spend the time and effort getting right. However, there is no fee if you want to change cabinetry layout or design after this stage.
Didn't sign off on the prelim today as want to go to Studio M, Tile studio and the Heathwood display houses this weekend so felt it best to wait in case we get tempted to add, alter or remove more things.

See you next week Greg - hope we're not turning in to the Nolan build from hell.

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