Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amended Floor Plans

These are the preliminary floor plans for "The Rachel and Sandy Nolan" as interpreted by the draughtsman, not quite what we sketched but close. Phew it's a big house isn't it? There are a few modifications not shown here they will be drawn up when the final contract is prepared.
  • The gym has been made smaller to give us a storage/workshop area
  • The powder room door is to be relocated to the entry and the room has been reconfigured as it had a linen cupboard in it which we have taken out creating an alcove in the sitting room. Wall near WC has been shortened/removed
  • Laundry has been reconfigured but they have the sink and washing machine in wrong place
  • We have added another picture window so there is one on both sides of the dining room
Upstairs is basically as it comes off the plan other than the bathroom, we have removed the interconnecting doors to the bedrooms, moved the bath, shower and vanity area then added a second basin.

Still waiting for a quote on solar and a break down of what the site fees are. 
Note the plan diagrams have been removed at the request of Metricon


  1. Hi, we are building the Nolan 45 as well. We would like a double basin in the bathroom too.

    The image of the floor plan on your blog is not very clear.

    Is it possible for you to send me your upstairs floor plan in higher resolution so I can get Metricon to do the same for ours?


  2. Hi Chris

    I don't seem to have a copy on this lap top. If you double click it on the floor plan it brings up a slightly larger image which you may be able to enlarge.
    Essentially we took out the interconnecting doors to the bedrooms. Moved the sink/vanity and put the shower in its place put the bath along the side wall behind the WC room and then did a double vanity on the back wall.
    The compromise is a smaller window over the bath or to have a strip window high up and a small mirror.
    Hope that helps?

  3. Thanks Rachel.

    The floor plan is still a bit blurry when you click on it, but you can make it out.

    Does the vanity go from the bath to the other wall? Or is there room for two narrow windows next to the vanity on either side?

  4. We have one window over the bath and there is space either side of the vanity. I guess you may be able to squeeze 2 windows in. have a look through some of the newer posts as they may have some photos that give a better indication