Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pre-Build Timeline & Progress Payments

Here's a rough idea of how long the overall build process for a double storey is likely to take and when Metricon will want some of your hard earned cash.
  • So you've decided to go ahead with your build pay $1500 deposit then wait around 10 weeks while they do soil and site tests
  • Prelim Contract pay another $1000
  • 4 weeks to Final Contract (FC)
  • Minimum 10-12 weeks until Site Start
  • At this stage you should get a commitment from M as to how long they expect build to take - anywhere between 20-26 weeks or more
Progress Payments
  • FC 5%
  • Base Stage 10%
  • Frame Stage 15%
  • Enclosed Stage 35%
  • Fixing Stage 20%
  • Practical Completion 15%

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