Friday, February 4, 2011

Austral Bricks

Off for another family day trip to look at bricks and yes it's another sweltering hot, humid day thanks to cyclone Yasi pushing hot air from the north, odd that there is no breeze.
Have heard that the top upgrade clay bricks from Boral may have issues with lime leakage and Metricon will not be responsible for any inconsistencies. Worried about paying an extra $4,500 for smart bricks that may not meet expectations so want to check out Austral. The Austral display is only a few minutes from the display homes at Underwood so will pop in there after for another look.
I much prefer the Austral display it is really well laid out and has a couple of shaded areas to take refuge whilst making your choices.
Not impressed with the standard range brick it is just not contemporary enough for our taste, however the metropolis range is rather nice with a great choice of colours. It scores bonus points as it is only a category 2 upgrade (less than the Boral one we had opted for).
Headed in doors to ask a few questions, collect more colour samples and get out of the heat. The lady at the desk said if we waited the colour consultant would be here in a few minutes if we'd like a chat. Never ones to turn down free advice we said that'd be great.
Colour consultant gave us some great advice and several options which were very helpful and even gave us a free sample brick.
Just calculating how many times we would need to come back before we had enough free bricks to do the build?!

Metropolis in Stone

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