Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Have The Power

Well its been a busy weekend, we have light switches, plug sockets, ceiling fans, air con vents, lights and all sorts of electrical stuff going on. The electrical crew were there Friday, Saturday and Monday so they must sense that the deadline to get this house finished is near. 
The insulation bats have been put in the loft space and I'm not quite sure if anything else has happened at this point. We did get some colour samples for the robe door and have picked out a lovely metallic grey/brown for the master suite which should sparkle nicely under the lights.
The construction for the pool also has continued over a similar time frame. Apparently they ran out of steel for the form work so had to leave it until Monday. Hopefully the concrete will be poured today as scheduled . Not entirely sure of the weather forecast but it looks like showers which is actually good as it slows the set of the concrete giving a harder final result.

We are yet to have a site meeting with the SS to go over the issues that we have spotted. He was super grumpy when I spoke to him about it last week and was quite rude to me actually. I called him back later and told him that I didn't appreciate being spoken to like one of his tradies and reminded him that I am his customer paying his wages. I did get an apology so hopefully we can move forward now without any dramas.

I promise I will post some photos soon (watch this space so to speak)

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