Sunday, October 23, 2011


OK you start with flattish blocks all adjoining each other, then the diggers come in push soil around and make a level area for your house to be built on. This changes the levels between you and your neighbours by about 30cm (or more) because they haven't started building and you're nearly finished. Council has regulations about fence heights and how they impact your neighbours but how high is your fence going to be relative to their land when they haven't built yet? Answer - we don't know. So we have decided to move our soil around to level up the rest of the garden put the fences in and hope they will be alright once the neighbours have built. We have written to the neighbours explaining the situation and hopefully everything will work out just right in the end. At this stage we are not asking them to share costs but if things do need altering later then we would like them to go 50-50 with us as that seems more than fair and generous on our part.
If it were me and the neighbours paid for the fence which then ended up being around 20cm higher than regulations I probably wouldn't even complain. Fingers crossed that our new neighbours think like we do.
Now to find a digger and driver that won't cost too much.

Neighbour Friendly Fencing?

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