Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's A Date!!!

It's finally happening, the date for the Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) has been set for Friday 4th November. Wow, gosh and double wow that's next week. We are booking an independent inspection as well which will cost around $550 but will be money well spent if it picks up any issues that need attention.

Not sure how long it takes from PCI to handover - can anyone give us an idea from their own experiences?
Our bank have been really good at paying the invoices and getting things organised so I can't see them holding things up. Are we being too optimistic to think we might be moving around the 20th November?

I'm so excited, it's really happening we are getting a new home oh and a massive new mortgage to go with it!!! Brilliant, now we can do landscaping, finish the pool, getting fences and plants, decorate and furnish the place. Oh to have a big kitchen and bathroom again..... I've gone all dreamy.


  1. I'd say most people average 2 weeks after PCI, so yep there is a good chance you'd be moving around then. How exciting!!!

  2. Yep usually two weeks. That's enough to get a final invoice and payment ready from the bank. the bank will send a valuer out to the property before the funds can be dispersed. You need to organise insurance, I think there is a few more things but Metricon should have given you a notice about what you need prior to handover, or he will give it to you at PCI.

    Even though it's in your best interest to organise an independant inspection, Metricon for some reason do not like this. I don't know why. If they had nothing to hide then why should they worry. Anyway, be expected for some backlash from you SS, even though you are entitled to an independant inspection. It's like they don't like to be told what to do, even though it appears OK to them, have a third eye, brings about chaos. Stick to your guns, even though he may try to delay handover as retribution. Hopefully it doesn't go beyond Christmas

  3. Yes we've already had the comments from the team at M about building inspectors going over the top and tell them this and that etc etc. I take it all with a pinch of salt. It is my home and I am the customer. If I am buying a house I am entitled to get a building and pest inspection before I purchase so why is it any differnt for a new build? I just want to be totally reassured I am getting what I am paying for. If I buy a car i get a knowledgable friend to come with me and help check it over. No different to asking someone who knows house to check my house over for me.
    Hopefully it all turns out fine and handover goes ahead without any hiccups.

  4. Around 2 wks after PCI.
    We had our independent inspection done 2 days before PCI and we went thru the report at PCI. :-)

  5. We are having our insepection done right before PCI so it will be interesting to see how things unfold. I just hope our SS isn't in one of his infamous bad moods!
    2 weeks until handover seems to be the average so we will tentatively start making moving plans