Sunday, October 30, 2011

Action and Oh Oh

Next door have had their sit cut done. a) great the level of their land is now the same as ours next to the pool and along that whole side. Excellent. b) why have they dug 5 meters out of the protected native vegetation covenant and why is there building base taking up 3 meters of cut into the covenant? Not excellent.

Due to local planning laws our blocks need to have a 10m covenant containing only native plants. This covenant can not be built in, on, over, fenced or removed. Not even a single plant!
We have been very mindful of this and set our house back almost 12m from the front boundary. Now we are very worried that next door have not complied with this and are planning (illegally) to have their house position a good 5 meters in front of ours. In the covenant - meaning it blocks our view and light and is contravening all Council rules and regulations.
Concerned I have had a word with Council and they will be sending someone out as soon as possible to see what is going on. Hopefully before they pour the slab!
I will be very upset if they build the house where it potentially looks like it could be going.

On a more positive note because the land levels are now even we should be able to put our fencing up with no problems. It also seems after chatting to one of our neighbours who have now moved in to the Soho behind us that palling fences are going to be common.
Oh and they has PCI on a Thursday and had handover 8 days after. Lets hope our goes so smoothly seeing as we have the same builder and SS.

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  1. Eek! Sounds like someone may have made a rather large mistake with things next door!

    Lucky you are on to it - surely Council will have them rectify such a big boo boo asap.

    Looking forward to hearing about how you get on with it!