Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The bathroom mirrors have been installed, unfortunately the one for the ensuite is chipped and needs to be redone so the poor guy who was there all by himself grunting and straining to lift the damn thing on his own had to carry back to his van again. He was not impressed.

The replacement study door and handles have arrived so they need installing and staining. The stairs will also need to be stained and a few minor corrections needed to be done around the place from the last time we were in. I want to go in again to check on couple of things but haven't been able to get in the house for a while, it'd be nice to measure up for some window treatments so we can get an idea of how much we need to spend and to see if some of those small issues we'd picked up on have been rectified. I think if I don't hear from the SS soon about PCI I'm just going to push for a site meeting. He actually hasn't spoken to us since the last one, what a big baby he is. I will definitely telling Metricon that his attitude and behaviour in the past few weeks has not been pleasant and I would not do business with him again. Shame because the house is awesome.


  1. I know about the mirrors as Sandy happened to pop by while he was there but I personally haven't been inside for ages

  2. We sent the house plans to blind/curtain people for quoting. That is sufficient for them to give you an estimate. They will later come out to do a check measure, but for quoting purposes it's all on the plan.

  3. I did wonder if using the plans might work. Thanks

  4. Hi,
    I am also building a home with metricon and have been following your blog with much interest. Sounds like we have similar issues with metricon. Hope all goes well for you from here on in.
    We are building the newhaven with some extras taking it to 42 squarea, we broke ground 2 weeks before you but we are still 4-6 weeks off not sure if we will even be in for xmas.