Friday, October 21, 2011

All Quiet On The Western Front

"Its oh so quiet, its oh so still". No phone calls, no e-mails, no activity on site and no reply to my text messages either. All we want to know is an idea of PCI and handover dates so we can start planning. I'm not getting annoyed or impatient about the end date as our build has only been 20 weeks so far but I think its quite rude not to speak to your clients for 2 weeks when it is your job to keep us informed with weekly progress calls. The Building Support Coordinator (BSC) Karen is very good she answers our email promptly but when it is oh yes TC (the site supervisor) will call you about that and then he doesn't I get irritated by the lack of a courtesy call. if they don't know when PCI is yet then just say that and we'll patiently wait another week.

We are still nutting out the final specifications for the fencing and typical of us we always prefer the more expensive option or products. The budget has blown out by a couple of thousand but we had factored that in in our initial price range estimate. We are also trying to decide do we want curtains or blinds, a combination of both and which is going to go at which window. We are thinking of not having any window treatments for the family, kitchen , dining space as we have massive picture windows that we don't really want to obscure in any way - we may change our minds if it's not private enough or too chilly in winter or there is too much glare in summer. It would save us a lot of dosh if we can avoid having curtains in that room though.

We are also considering a small shed to go in the ugly side of the house where the air con, hot water heater and pool equipment are situated. The shed can the be home for our gardening tools and pool cleaning things which will give us more space in the garage for the boy's toys - you know bike, scooters etc.

Sandy is busy selling our worldly goods on E-bay so we don't have to move things in that we don't really want any more. Better go check that one of my kidneys isn't being auctioned as we speak........

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  1. LOL! I keep offering our landscaper a kidney as part payment for his services ;)

    Hope your SS decides to keep you in the loop soon - been there and know how frustrating it can be!