Saturday, October 15, 2011

Form 21

I haven't seen anyone at the house, don't know whats happening, the SS didn't call (again) for the weekly update but we did get some exciting news..... Metricon are applying for a Form 21.
In plain language a form 21 is a certificate of occupancy from a building certifier which is basically a final inspection with council who will come out to make sure your home has been built as the plans show. Once the paperwork is issued this is sent to the bank or your lender so they can then do their bit and make final payment for handover. Wow its really happening, I am chasing up a date now for PCI so I can organise our own building inspector and get a time frame on handover so we can start packing and book the removalisits. Pinching ourselves because can't quite believe it.

Yesterday afternoon we went to King furniture and picked out a very nice sofa and some cushions to match and contrast. We eventually chose one from the Phoenix range as this was more comfortable for us short people. They have good sale on at the moment otherwise normally we'd have only been window and ideas shopping in there. To get delivery before Christmas we need to order it in the next few days. Until it arrives we will put our existing sofa in the family room which will then get recovered and moved up to the leisure room.

Phoenix Range From King Furniture Ours Is Similar To The Larger Picture
Once our things come out of storage we will be able to plan what we a re keeping or selling and which pieces are going where. At the moment we are looking at keeping the dining table but getting different chairs and may be treating ourselves to a king size bed (luxury!).
The other thing we desperately need to source is some floor rugs. Fun times shopping ahead.


  1. Are you sure they aren't bypassing PCI? Usually they would do the forms after PCI.

  2. Our customer support person tells me the SS will call me to give a PCI date soon so I am hassling him to sort it out. If they think they can do forms without us having an inspection i will be annoyed