Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going Dotty

Ah ah what is that? There have been people in my house as it looks like it has caught a case of the lesser know form of green spotted measles. There are green dots all over the paintwork inside and out. I headed off around the back of the house and low and behold more green dots and the painters are in doing the touch ups on the paintwork and staining the remaining timber work.

Went and had a good look around to find some of the minor issues have been attended to but not all yet. The guy with the mirrors must have gone mad as the one that was in the powder room has also been taken back out so that must have been damaged along with the one for the ensuite. The missing light fixture in the kitchen has been installed and the replacement study door is having a nice lie down in the garage.
Still no news from the SS, really TC pick up the phone will you. I will hound him (again!!) on Monday to see where we are at.

Later on site I peered through the front door and the stairs have been stained (aarrgghhh no camera with me sorry), they look fantastic. I can now suddenly imagine myself really living there. I don't know why but finishing the stairs has made it appear more real that this is our home and we will be living there soon. Amazing.
I will pop back over the weekend to get some pictures.

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