Saturday, October 8, 2011

PCI Approaching and Some Tips We Picked Up Along The Way

Could this be the world's fastest double story build? If we have PCI as suggested in around 2-3 weeks our actual build will have taken less than 22 weeks. When we first started we expected more like 35 weeks from reading other blogs and even then we felt we were being optimistic. So we are filled with excitement that we will be moving in to our new home in November (hopefully) as PCI should be happening around 25th Oct.
Must organise insurance, gas, telephone, Internet, Foxtel etc so that we can be hooked up to the world once we move.

Are we happy with Metricon? 95% yes and 5% no over silly little things which have irritated us like a sometimes grumpy SS and the issue over the shower tiles. You look in all of Metricon's show homes, brochures, tile studio images etc and the tiles are all straight laid - don't market something you can't always deliver without offering a disclaimer, it raises peoples expectations that this is what they will be getting, especially when it is written into your contract.

Some tips:
  • preparation is the key when planning your home look at lots of designs and do your research
  • you can't do enough home work before preliminary contract go to lots of show homes see whats on offer, check the quality of the finishes, get lots of ideas
  • see what changes you can incorporate to a standard house plan to make a design work for you
  •  put everything in on your wish list, get it costed then pare down what is too expensive
  • allow 50% more for electrical than you think
  • budget at least another $150K over base price for your upgrades
  • ask lots and lots of questions
  • go to Studio M several time before colour consultation and check out what you can have
  • ask what is standard and what is an upgrade do not presume that you will be getting something just because it is displayed that way
  • go over your contract and plans with a fine toothcomb, check every detail before signing off
  • check your contract and plans often prior to and during build its amazing what things you miss
  • take your plans with you when you visit the site so you can compare
  • visit your build regularly and check on progress, look for things that aren't right
  • regular site meetings and phone chats with your SS are a must
  • prepare to compromise occasionally
  • have fun and enjoy watching your dream home appear before your very eyes
The quality of the work appears to be of a high standard and we love the almost finished product. We have actually started considering where the furniture will go and if we have the budget to may be buy a few new items. Lets hope that the final few weeks go smoothly and everything happens to plan.

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