Friday, October 7, 2011

Carpets and Site Meeting

We went to the house in the morning for a pre-site meeting check to find the carpet is being laid so we had a quick nosey inside and it looks great. I didn't have my camera so you will have to wait to see how amazing it looks. I love the smell of new carpet.

Thankfully the site meeting with the SS was aimable and professional. After wandering around with clipboard and plans in hand (I am very nerdy!) I spotted a missing overhead light in the kitchen, and extra drain hole in the laundry cupboard and a big hole in the wall where the carpet layers got a little carried away. All in all it is looking great and the quality of finishes is satisfactory. Then we hit the snagging point regarding the laying of the shower tiles in a diamond pattern and not straiight laid as per the contract. In the past this would have become quite a heated debated followed by the threat a fisty cuffs. However I have matured greatly over the years and was able to negotiate that he at least run it by the CM and see where we can go from there. The problem with diamond lay - something my nana would have had, looks old fashioned in a contemporary home. The problem with straight lay - hard to get the fall off so water doesn't pool in the shower. We'll wait and see what they say before making a decision.

The Nolan 45 house is beautiful; in fact I will no longer refer to it as house, site, block or build as now it is almost our home. If we leave the tiles as they are PCI will be in around  2.5 weeks. Lots of shreks and loud whooping noises!! The build will have only taken 21 weeks - I know insane.
We will be getting an independent inspection as well prior to handover so pencil an early November moving in date in your diary!

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