Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Got Frame

More framework was delivered yesterday for the first floor plus they finished constructing the portico and outdoor room frames and the trusses have been put on the garage roof. The boards are in position between the ground and first floor with some "scaffolding" so they can start up stairs.
Garage Trusses and Scaffold

Garage Framed

Outdoor Room

Down on site this morning they have made extraordinary progress on the first floor framing - boy these tradies are moving fast. The house looks AaaaMazing!!!

Front and Left - That's My Master Suite Up There!


Rear and Right - Look At That For An Outdoor Space I'll Need A New BBQ

The Rear

Left Side Looking Into Kitchen and Laundry
In the pile of framework on the site I can see more roof trusses for the outdoor room which looks huge by the way and some other bits and pieces which I guess go on before the trusses for the roof proper which will be arriving in a day or so.

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