Friday, June 24, 2011

Frame (Day 1)

"Frame thy mind to mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms, and lengthens life" William Shakespeare. Thought it might be nice to add a little culture!

The frame was delivered bright and early and work had already started before 8am. By lunch time we had a fully framed first floor. Wow and wow again it looks great! For the first time we can appreciate the size, shape and layout of our home. The windows in the family, dining kitchen area are huge and when you factor in the two sets of massive bi-folds we are going to have so much natural light in this space that it will be incredible. It also means that no matter which part of our outdoor areas our son is playing in we will be able to keep an eye on him with no trouble. Perfect.
I can see a few roof trusses in the delivery and guess these must be for the garage and outdoor room roofs as there doesn't seem to be enough to do the whole house. Our theory is that they will complete the ground floor then deliver the frame for upstairs.
I haven't had a chance to walk through yet but Sandy reassures me that all the rooms are big enough and that I won't be disappointed.

The digger and truck also arrived before 8am to move the soil and deliver it to our soil swapper as arranged however the guy who was supposed to take it off our hands was an incompetent tosser and hadn't got his site organised to take delivery. Rather that have the truck driver sitting around for several hours whilst said tosser got his act together we made the decision - a costly one - for him to take the first load to the tip, putting an additional $550 on the price!! Aaargh - lesson - buyer beware when dealing with people on the internet as not everyone is as organised, honest and reliable as you are.
Luckily the frame looks so good nothing can spoil my day!

Now for some pictures............. ahhhh you'll have to wait until later.

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