Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frame Photos

Here are the pictures of our lovely shiny, silver stainless steel termite proof frame.

And They're Off - Frame Start - This Will Be The Formal Living Room

Frame Ground Floor - Garage and Front - Taken From Driveway

View of Front From Street - Front Door Will Be In Central Opening

View From Rear Looking Through Into Dining and Kitchen From Outside Outdoor Room -
That Big Opening Is For One Of The Two Bi-Fold Doors
We love it. The area where our land is is semi-rural so a steel frame is a sensible choice given the high risk of potential termite activity plus it was only a $3000 upgrade as part of the promo package. Shame it took two weeks longer to arrive than expected.
The pieces of frame in the foreground of the last shot are the trusses that go between the ground and first floor and add strength to the house. Its amazing to think they had done all this in 5 hours; can't wait to see what they will achieve next week!

Progress on the Plantation Homes build two blocks over: They are a double story and have had all timber work for frame completed, ground floor windows in and roof on. The roof tiles were delivered and roof tiled in less than a day! That was impressive. Its looking nice and should complement our Nolan nicely.
No work has commenced on any of the other blocks, plenty of builders boards are up but other than a single site scrape there has been no activity of note.

Hopefully for us next week should see the first floor frame delivered and installed.

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