Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frame (Day 2)

Friday saw more framing action, with the trusses for the first floor being installed and the portico/balcony bracing erected. Looks like there is still a fair bit to do downstairs but we are pleased with the quality of the job so far. There are a couple of twisted and dinged parts of the frame that we have spotted so will be sure to point these out to the SS.

It was great to be able to walk through the house this morning, the room sizes are excellent, couldn't be happier with the layout and the amount of windows we will have. It was awesome imagining where everything was going to go and what the kitchen would look like once it has cabinetry and an island bench.
We had hours of fun picking up all the dropped screws and playing "house" with our boy. Really funny until I fell in the imaginary swimming pool. We have decided to keep the pool shape and dimensions as we originally planned but push it further down the left side of the house and about 500mm closer to the boundary to give the amount of clearance needed for the sewer. This means instead of the end of the pool being flush to the end of the outdoor room it will be flush with the end of the house. Yes, it will be costing us more for shoring up around the sewer but we have decided that is one expense we will simply have to swallow so as not to compromise the outside space  as after all having a decent sized garden to run around in was the main reason we decided to build rather than buy.

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