Thursday, June 2, 2011

Slow Start

Good meeting with the SS he seems to be a nice man and he only deals with the premium builds. He just went through some basic information, answered our questions and suggested that the build will take around 25 weeks, weather permitting. That will bring the build in around Christmas which is a bit of a downer if there are any delays as I know they all shut down for the holidays so it could mean more like February. No point getting pessimistic yet.

Any how nothing happened on site today (boo) but the diggers are coming tomorrow (yes!).
A loose timeline is slab next Friday and 10 weeks until the roof is on, then the pool builder can start at that stage.Diggers on a Friday works well as it is my day off so guess where I'll be tomorrow?!

Have found out the other build that has started is with Plantation homes and is most likely a single story.


  1. 25 weeks for a house that size is fantastic - I hope they manage to stick to that for you!!

    We just moved into a Laguna 36 at week 40 of the build... (did include Xmas but still long!).

    Yay for diggers :)

  2. We are up to our 24th week and wont be completed for a few more weeks (its 28 weeks for a single storey)

    Good luck with it if they can build in 25 weeks :)


  3. Here in QLD its a 16 week build time for single storey. I guess M don't build the same high volume of houses as they do in NSW and VIC
    Would be awesome if they can finish in 6 months

  4. We are about to start building around the corner at Lot 8 with Metricon as well, good luck with it all, sure we will meet at some point

  5. Hi San and Revi
    How cool. We remember you from auction day. We had initally considered Lot 8 but felt the covenant being at the rear wouldn't really work for us. I'm sure we will see you around. What house are you building?

  6. here in nsw its 18 weeks build time for a single storey 30 squares and under..ours is 33 squares so apparently they need 10 more weeks for 3 squares - ridiculous!

  7. We are building the Newhaven with the resort facade. We love the big tree in the covenant, although the block did pose a challenge with fitting the garage in.

  8. The newhaven should work well on your block when is you start date?

  9. Probably about a month, we are still waiting on some variations to be quoted as we want to specify the type of timber to be used on bifolds and front doors plus a few other things. No hurry though, just want to get the process right. The slab looks good, when is the frame due and did you solar package as well? Cheers San