Wednesday, June 15, 2011


No action on site yet this week apart from a couple of bobcats spreading some of the large mound of soil around, looks like they've hardly made a dent in it so we have advertised it on a soil swap site in case someone wants to take it off our hands. We will also do the same when the pool is excavated.
We were hoping the steel frame would have arrived by now so we remain frameless - the frame was an upgrade as part of the Neo Dusk promotion and only cost us an additional $3K which I thought was a fair price.
I see Metricon are now including solar - would have liked that as well but can look at getting it installed once the house is completed (assuming we have any money left!).
Get the feeling there will be no progress now until next week.


  1. It is hard when you are riding the high that comes with site start, only for it subside when things don't turn up when anticipated. You'll be 3D before you know it!

  2. Hi Rachel and Sandy, just wondering whether there was a requirement for you to get temporary fencing through Metricon? Currently we are told that we need it, however I see that the plantation home does not have one. Cheers San

  3. I don't recall anything specific. I seem to remember that it might be part of site fees? I will have to have another look at the contract and get back to you. My understanding is that Temp fencing is more for security once house is more progressed and there are things of value around.

  4. Does anyone know the regulations re temp fencing?

  5. Our M Sales Consultant on the Gold Coast did tell us a temp fence is only required if you are very close to shops, schools and on main busy roads.