Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One More Sleep

Can't believe the build starts tomorrow 208 days or almost 7 months after buying the land at auction. I will need to change my widget to start counting how long from build start to handover and make a build label for future posts.
Optimistically would like to be in by the end of this year but realistically think it will be more likely early next year. We haven't received an estimated time frame yet, perhaps when we meet with the SS tomorrow he will give us some indication of how long the build is expected to take.
Building has started on the block one over from ours (not next door), they have had site scrape, pipes and electrical box installed. Not sure who they are building with or if it is single or double storey. It will be interesting keeping an eye on progress and watching all the other builds start and take shape. I hope to be able to pop by at lunch time tomorrow and then again after work to see what has happened and of course take loads of photographs.

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  1. This is the exciting part. We've had a very steady build so far. Site start 28/02 and we're at lockup with all internal plaster done. Staircase is going in now. We're building Lindrum 52 in SE Melbourne. Supervisor says we're about 10 - 12 weeks before handover whereas our contract has finish April 2012! Quality so far has been very good, but we did get frame inspection done and they had to fix a few things. Looking forward to photo's!