Friday, June 3, 2011

Diggers and Dunnies

Or Site Scrape and Porta-Loo

Much excitement this morning as the digger was on site and the scrape well underway when we arrived with camera at the ready. Looks like we've got some nice soil, shame he's piled it up on the spot where the pool is supposed to go! The idea was to leave us some top soil so we could use it for levelling out and garden beds once the build was finished, however I think we should have been more specific about where we wanted the pile to be. Will have to speak to SS about that as it may cause a potential problem. Just having the scrape done starts to give us an idea of what a big, no massive house we have chosen as we can make out the different levels for the triple garage and that alone is ginormous!

Decided to pop by on the way home after lunch and yeeee haaa we already have a porta-loo. Awesome its red my son's favourite colour. He was less impressed with it once he'd opened the door to check it out. Peeouuoow what a smell and that's a clean one!!!
It feels official now we have porta-loo and soil retainer, erosion barrier thingo (what are those things called? Hang on I will google it and find out......It looks like they are called soil erosion and sediment barriers).

It'll be pipes, electricity box and slab pour next week.

Digger in Action
Site Scrape from left front of block
Site Scrape and Porta-Loo from rear of block
Porta-Loo and Sediment Barrier

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