Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pool Planning Problems (Possibly?)

We have just received a call from our pool builder apparently the pool now needs to be 3 metres further away from the rear boundary due to not being able to excavate too close to the sewerage system. Planning department have said No to our original plans now as when we drew them up we didn't know that the sewer pipes would be in this corner. 
This means we have 4 options 1) move the pool to a different place 2) keep the pool where it is and slide it down the side of the house 3m and end up with a really titchy pool 3) change the shape and size of the pool and how we were going to have the fences 4) Pay $3,000 to shore up area around sewer move the pool 2 meters down the house and a meter closer to side boundary if possible.
Looks like we'll have to make some compromises and pay more money to get what we want as we don't want to change the aspect or position of pool too dramatically. Guess we'll be having a meeting with the pool builder this week.


  1. Oh dear that's not good! Hope you sort it out and doesn't put a dent in your budget!

  2. Yeh its a bit of a downer but ces le vie, that's the problem when trying to orgainse things from site plans prior to services being completed. Looks like it will end up costing us more no matter what we decide as there will be more paving and fencing involved so trying to achieve the best compromise possible.