Saturday, November 12, 2011

We're In!!! - Well Almost......

Yesterday was the day we had been looking forward to for over a year, the day we got the keys to our dream home.

We all met at our new house at 10.30am for handover as apparently there is a lot to go through. When we arrived our SS was there and so was our building co-coordinator, nice to meet her in person at last after all the phone chats and emails.

The handover consists of going through all the warranties and certificates, how the appliances work, do's and don'ts of looking after benchtops, doors, etc etc, the security and air con system, how to clean out the smart tile drains, who to call if there are problems and the 90 day follow up.

We has a few photos taken for the Metricon team and as part of the process  and Tom handed us, er sorry our son the keys at exactly 11am. [11am on the 11/11/11 quite auspicious apparently!].
We then checked all the keys worked in the locks, that the doors worked properly and tested the garage door several times as well. My little man was ecstatic - he loves keys. Now we have to work out a way of getting a set off him for ourselves.

We did one last walk through of the house and picked up a couple of minor things that the painter needs to touch up when he visits our home today.
A few other things are still hapening - The man with our gas bottles arrived while we were there so now we will have hot water and a hob that works. The timber for the fencing was also delivered and the electricians have done the outside wiring for the pool and cubby house.

The house is awesome, massive and very echoy without any furniture inside and we may have our keys but we are not officially in yet - that happens Thursday next week.
Today will be spent cleaning and getting the house ready, we also plan to have a picnic in our outdoor room for the first time. So exciting but it still feels quite surreal.

Last night for the first time as I went to bed I found myself worrying about the house because we hadn't set the alarm and had we locked all the doors and switched the lights off. It was kind of nice as it felt like when you go away on holiday and you do the last minute check in you mind to make sure you really did close the house up securely. I can't wait to be living there! We are so pleased with the Nolan 45 it has been built to a high standard and I love the colour selections we have made. I am itching to unpack everything and see what it is like with furniture in and I am also excited about going to buy all the bits and pieces we need and want to put our personal touches to our home! (I'm feeling quite emotional about it this morning).

We also received a little house warming gift from Metricon - the big box it came in is now a car apparently.

I will post photos of our dream home next time

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