Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mini Movers Mini Cleaners

A big day yesterday. The fencing is two thirds finished, the stairs have been sanded, re-stained and re-varnished, all the paint touch ups have been attended to, the dodgy light in the study has been fixed and we started moving some of our boxes in.

Metricon pay there cleaners peanuts so when they come through your house they give the place a cosmetic "clean" which means the building rubble and rubbish is gone but your house isn't clean enough for you to live in, unless you like a lot of dust that is. So the in the morning we all gave the place a good dust, mop, vacuum and wash down before breaking for a picnic lunch in the family room. The outdoor room was off limits as the fencing crew were sawing and nail gunning out there and it was too noisy. Lunch finished we started moving some of the boxes we have stored in the garage at my office and suddenly the place started to feel like home.

I was taking a drink break (water only remember we don't drink) and for the first time really felt at home as i sat appreciating the space and feeling really happy. I was telling my son that when I was a little girl in the UK our house would have been the same size as the family room kitchen area combined and that my bedroom was a similar size to the butler's pantry. I always said I would have a big 4 bed house with a pool one day - just goes to show dreams do come true. We ended the day by going out for diner as a family to a lovely little Mexican place where they do street style food. Yummy.

There is one thing that came to light yesterday and I do not know how we could have possibly not noticed but there are no fly screens on the awning style windows in the family room. Wow how did we miss that!!!! Our contract states fly screens to all opening windows and in this case all means all. Oh Oh. Hope its not too late to get that corrected - I have left a message with our SS so lets see how that plays out now we have handed over and paid the bills. I guess you hit a point in the build where you are so busy looking at the small details and picking up cosmetic flaws that you can forget the bigger picture. Ooooppss.

Microwave and Trim

Beautiful Ovens

Welcome Card

Dishwasher - Any Tips For Getting The Label Off?

The House Warming Gift From M

The Cooking Zone

The Stairs and Study Doors Nice!

To State The Obvious - Its A Fence

Fence and Gas Bottles - Gate To Go On Here and Some Plants Down The Edge

Wow It Is A Huge Garden (Well It Will Be A Garden Eventually)

Lined Up Ready To Go

Our First Meal In Our New Home! I Love It.


  1. Hi girls, the place looks fantastic. Well done and congratulations. What colour stain did you go with for the internal timber doors, they are beautiful. Enjoy. San

  2. Thanks guys, wont be long until its you moving in too. The timber is stained mahogany and yes we think it turned out great as well. It'll be a bit noisey to start with with everyone else still building around us but at least it will be quiet for Xmas and new yr.

  3. Congratulations, Rachel and Sandy!!! Looks like a completion record, too. Moving in 164 days from site start. Wow!!!
    We're building a Liberty 42 in Victoria and we're on our 107th day and we're not "lock-up", yet.
    Anyway, congratulations again. We love your house and colour selections. We love looking at your progress pictures, too. Looking forward for more pics and getting more tips and tricks along the way.
    Have fun always.
    Jon and Ron

  4. Thanks Jon and Ron
    Yes I think we may have set a world house building reocord too. I think the advantage of Qld is the drier weather so they do the inside at the same time as the outside works. Be patient you home will be built and finished soon.
    Thanks for your lovely comments, we are glad you are enjoying our blog and we will continue to post about our home.
    My son and I wnet and got candles for the bathrooms yesterday as the first thing i want to do after moving is have a long hot soak in the bath!