Saturday, November 19, 2011

70% Unpacked, 90% Exhausted, 100% Satisfied

Phew, we're in, mostly unpacked, a bit worn out but very happy to be in our new home. We have some really fancy pieces of cardboard blu-tacked to the windows while we wait for the blinds to come and have had no major glitches or hiccups this far. However, the air con will need some attention as even with some zones off there is still air flow, usually it means the motor is not closing the vents off fully and the air con guys just need to come and give it a tweek. I will call them Monday to see when they can come out.

It's great to have a dishwasher again - pure indulgence but we love it seeing as we cook so much. Loving the space, awesome for hide and seek and chasing around,however even though the house is huge it lacks, as all new build homes do, in the storage department so it looks like we will be having yet another trip to IKEA soon.

Today we christened the outdoor room with an easy lunch of hot dogs, normally I would have done a BBQ but we left the old one at the apartment and we are yet to decide what one to get for here. The outdoor room is brilliant, it catches a small amount of early morning sun then is in shade for the rest of the day. Perfect. The bi-fold doors allow us to take advantage of the cooling breezes and the house stays much cooler than anywhere we have lived in Oz before.

Yesterday the fences got spray painted in a mid grey to match our colour schemes and the plumbers finally turned up to do the pipe work for the pool and install the pump and filter. We are optimistic of getting the pool completed for Xmas but we'll really have to keep our fingers crossed as the pool company are super duper busy. I guess everyone wants to be swimming with Santa this year.

I have some more photos for you but as I am typing this on the note book and not my more powerful lap top I will be here until 2012 trying to upload them so yet again you guys will have to wait for those progress shots.

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