Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Schedule

We had a meeting the our electrician yesterday to organise the works needed for the pool, as we need couple of outside power points and the earth wire needs connecting up. No problem all booked for Thursday. He is also going to run a cable over to where the proposed cubby house will go so we can put a light inside it. We have found a cubby company who can do a custom design but they won't be able to make a start on it until Feb next year so no chance of a Xmas delivery on that one. A few tears from our little boy but after explaining that it has to be made specially for him he settled down.

Cubby Like This But With A Garage As Well
The digger driver  is coming Thursday to level the soil and cut trenches for pool plumbing and electrics.
The fencing contractor is now starting Thursday (hopefully after the digger is finished!) it was originally Saturday, then Friday and now they want to come a day early - have suggested they wait until after lunch to give the digger time to do his job.
The pool plumber is coming Friday or perhaps Monday. And then the pool coping and paving will start around a week later. I must speak to them about the fall of the slab as water is ponding near the house and they will need to make some corrections when laying the pavers to get the run off right.

HANDOVER and KEYS Friday - the money for the final invoice has been paid, so all Metricon have left to do is the finishing touches and install appliances. Lets hope it all happens to plan!

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning will be happening on Saturday. We also thought it would be nice to take our camping chairs and have a little picnic in the outdoor room. Can't wait.
We plan to start moving a few things on Sunday so that it begins to feel like our home and then we will move in officially on Thursday17th. Great!

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  1. The wheelie bins arrived a week early! Have padlocked them to the downpipe so no one teies to steal them