Thursday, November 3, 2011

Site Cleared of Bricks

The bricks have been touched up and damaged ones replaced. The expansion joints have been filled with silicone and the piles and piles of spare bricks have been removed from site. For one moment we though we were going to get stuck with them all. Could have made a brick cubby house from them I guess?

The Council are investigating the build next door to see if they are in breach of the rule for the native vegetation covenant. The inspector is off to discuss it with the development application department and will inform me tomorrow of what is really going on. Hopefully they aren't and never were intending to build their house that far forward but I have a feeling the builder is going to be in trouble for digging up protected land.

PCI tomorrow and if all goes well we might get our keys next week. The bank do not have to send out their valuer yet as we have the pool and fencing included as part of our finances so they will do the valuation only when everything is finished. That means once we are happy with the build we fax in our final invoice for the practical completion stage and it will be paid to Metricon the very next day - no excuse for any delays...excellent!

The bob cat is coming next week and the fence is being erected next weekend. Move date has been set for 17th November. As Sandy is doing all the organising it doesn't seem real to me yet as I'm so busy at work right now my focus is taken up with running the business. It will start being real when everything disappears into boxes!!!


  1. Friday 6.35am PCI starts in less than an hour!

  2. Good luck!! Its al over by now I imagine :) Hope it went well!!

  3. How exciting. Hope PCI didn't uncover too many defects, least of all ones which may delay your move.

    Hope the move goes smoothly too!

  4. Thanks for your support. PCI went really well now just got to start packing the last bits of our stuff