Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Final Invoice

We haven't even had PCI yet but the final invoice for practical completion and variations arrived yesterday!!!! 
Time To Pay Up
Looks like Metricon want to get us finished as soon as possible. That's good for us as there will be no delays waiting for the invoice and we can get the bank all ready for action once we are satisfied that the house (OUR HOME!!!) has been built to plan after PCI.

The movers are booked for Thursday 17th Nov, the buildings insurance is set up and now all we have to do is order gas, electricity, bins and telephone. We are moving into our new home - yes we really are.

The digger driver, fencer, native plant landscaper and pool builder have all been told we will be ready from Monday 21st so we are pencilled in for these jobs to commence/continue. I would dearly like the pool and paving etc to be finished before Christmas so we get to enjoy it over our break. Oh must get the turf company out as well otherwise it will just be mud or dust to play in depending on the weather.

We are now officially very, very EXCITED!!!
These Will Be Ours Very Soon


  1. It's quite possible you could have handover days after PCI if you are happy to do that. Once you tell them you got payment for them, they jump at it. It's the best card to be holding at this point of the game, but becareful not to submit to their tactics. As they will try to rush things, rushing means chances of mistakes happening are greater.

  2. We'd love to do handover as soon as possible but will make sure we are happy with everything following the inspections before going ahead. it would be good to get the keys and give the house a really good clean before moving. And start the fencing etc. We haven't let them rush us at any paperwork stage so don't intend to change the way we do things now just because the finishing line is in sight.