Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We are in the midst of the final stages of packing up the apartment ready to move into our home on Thursday. I have my work clothes and my PJs left out and almost everything else is gone. Sandy has been busy moving the boxes from the garage and unpacking them at the house only to bring them back to be refilled.

The boundary fence is finished but we are waiting for the gates and part of the screen around the pool area to arrive. The boys should be able to do the pool screen as soon as it gets here but we may have to wait until after Christmas for the the other sections which is fine. As long as the pool area is done and we can use the pool over the Christmas break I will be happy. But........
The pool contractor and the office keep telling us different things so we are slightly irritated by this as we are booking trades and planning around what we have been told and then having to reschedule everyone again. So hopefully we will see some action on site next week. We have told him we have moved in and that he can start and that we really, really must be completed by the holidays. I know they are busy but we have had this job booked since March!

Metricon rang to say the missing fly screens in the family room had indeed been over looked and the window company is coming out Mon 21st to fit them for us. Good that's the sort of service I like to receive.

The gardener/landscaper is going to start planting out the native vegetation covenant at the front of the house today which is great as there will be some green stuff at last. So it'll soon be looking less and less like a building site and more like a garden. Fantastic.

Sunday afternoon we bought loads of candles for the bathrooms and spent a lovely hour unwrapping them and putting them around each bath. The house now smells of vanilla and forest berries yummy. Our son choose lots of red candles and rainbow colour candle holders along with a little clear vase and fake red and yellow mini gerberas which is now pride of place on his vanity. He is so sweet and has a very keen eye for design!

Its amazing how a few simple touches suddenly make the place look and feel like home.

The lights we ordered arrived yesterday so I can't wait to unpack them and see what they look like in the space.

We have a busy few days ahead and another jam packed weekend but it will be all worth it to finally be living in Our Nolan 45 which by the way is the first ever Nolan built in Queensland and has had about 30 different groups come through to see it. We should charge M a commission and entrance fees.

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