Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sorted and Piled Up

Wow, moving house is exhausting. We have unpacked and sorted through our belongings and now have a pile of things to throw away (the skip is coming today!) a pile of things that we are giving away and another pile for items that we will be selling on e-bay. It's a big task but one that is very satisfying once completed. The only problem now is I don't really know where anything is other than the kettle and the tea bags! (not quite but it feels that way).

I have just been watching the sunrise through the bi-fold doors, everyone else is still asleep and its moments like this that make a house a home.
The local wildlife has been making us feel welcome, we have a small flock of ducks who come over to eat the grass for breakfast and dinner and we also had a crazy hare (yes hare) come charging through our garden, only to hit the fence, turn around and charge off the way he had come in. What fun.

So the skip is coming today, the pavers and coping for around the pool should be arriving in a day or two and we are getting a quote to seal the driveway.
The native plant covenant now has lots of little new native plants in and has been mulched, yes we have some greenery. The Metricon board has also been removed along with the erosion barrier so now from the front it looks like a home and not a building site at last, shame we can't say the same about the back gardens! We are getting a quote for some grass and trying to come up with some ideas on landscaping and plants and may be even a deck with pergola off our outdoor room (as if our out door area wasn't already big enough!).

The fly screens in the family room are now in and we spoke to the air con people and apparently it is such a powerful system that it has to have excess air flow in to one big zone otherwise the motor will blow up under its own force. Ok then if that's the case so be it. And she said something about being able to control the system via SMS from our mobile phones - well that's news to me! She is e-mailing us information on how it works. Neat eh? Coming home on a hot day I can phone ahead and put the air con on before I get in. Awesome.
Now I just need to work out how to do it!

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