Saturday, February 11, 2012

Metricon Listens!

When I arrived home Friday afternoon there were two guys installing a sediment barrier between next door's build site and our fence. How is that for service? I contacted Metricon via email the previous morning about the drainage issues and the silt/mud run off from the lot and viola they put the sediment barrier up the very next day. I spoke with the guys and they told me they were only putting along the left side (which is ours) as they had been told to come and do it urgently. So its not all bad news and lack of service out of Ms head office in Qld. I can't help but wonder though if they'd have been as quick getting on to it had I not just completed building with them?
Lets see what happens once the plumber has been out and given them his report regarding the drains!

Great weekend, we've just bought a new car (a Peugeot 3008) and it looks like I have found a new staff member to join my team. Awesome


  1. Hi girls, just wondering who you got to install the steel gates and fences. How were they for service and price? Need to get the side gates done soon. Cheers, San

    1. Hello San and Rvei
      Looks like you'll be having handover very soon. Good luck hope it all goes well.
      For the aluminium fencing we use Jason at Harris Fencing
      They did a great job,and great blokes too and we felt we got it done for a reasonable price. No maintenance with metal fences either

  2. They probably rushed out to put up a silt barrier because they thought you were going to take it to the BSA. By law they should have installed it the first day they started.