Thursday, February 16, 2012

Metricon Have Gone Deaf

Apparently the plumber was coming out on site Monday. Never saw him which is odd seeing as we specifically stated we wanted a meeting to discuss the issues and show him the photos of where and how the water is pooling around the house. I also asked M why a retaining wall next to the garage along the boundary has been omitted from construction, it is clearly marked on our plans and in our contract. We feel this 325mm high retaining wall would have helped deflect some of the water run off from the adjacent block and we have paid for the wall as part of site fees. So far it has all fallen on deaf ears so now its time for an annoyed phone call......

Next door now have a steel frame up they completed the ground floor yesterday and it all ready looks massive. Once the upstairs is on the little Soho at the back of us is going to be totally dwarfed. There have been two more site scrapes, a low set is going in across the way which means we will still be able to see some lovely tress over the tops yippee and up the road they are having what appears to be a traditional Queenslander up on stumps, might look a little out of place amongst all the modern rendered houses.

Breakfast first then on the phone to Metricon, the problem though is who is the best person to speak to as service and maintenance don't seem interested and we no longer officially have a site or construction manager?


  1. Push comes to shove, if it was stated in the contract and on the plans, you could potentially seek some advice from and take M to a Queensland equivalent of our VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal). We're facing some minor contractual discrepancies ourselves, but not to the extent of taking M to VCAT. Our SM is still quite accommodating and attentive. But I'm re-reading our contract again just to make sure nothing is amiss. I guess it gets quite difficult to get some good service once everything has been paid and towards the end of the warranty period.

    1. Service dept emailed to say our site supervisor TC is coming out to have a look and a a chat so if I haven't heard from him by the end of today I will be chasing that up as there is more heavy rain forecast for next week