Sunday, February 5, 2012

Action Next Door

The rain eased to light showers and then glorious sunshine yesterday which was great timing as 3 cubic meters of soil arrived ready for spreading in the miniature lake feature that develops each time it rains along side the laundry area of the house. The thinking is if we can raise the levels and even the area out the water may not pool so much when it rains heavily (wishful thinking perhaps?). The next consideration is do we add some gravel pit soak aways as well as or instead of the 2 additional land drains proposed? I will need to do some more research to see how effective they are and compare costings as there really isn't much left in the gardening budget. I would like enough cash left over as we were hoping to have a small deck and pergola added to the outdoor entertaining area (as if it wasn't big enough already!!).

There has been activity finally on the block next door, site scrape happened Thursday followed by the concrete footings yesterday. My prayers have been answered and there house has been situated on the far side of their block away from us so their garden will be next to ours leaving a good 15 meters of space between our homes. This will allow us privacy, light and distance as well as good breezes and we don't completely lose the view out to the trees and fields beyond. Fantastic. It looks like they are building the Lindrum 52 which is a bit of a squeeze lengthwise but I'll keep you posted once I get some official information i.e. "morning building team do you know which house they've gone for?"

Plans for today, morning walk, light breakfast, family time playing with our rapidly growing spoodle pup Angel who is settling in brilliantly, then off to the landscape suppliers to choose some paving and gravel before a BBQ and afternoon of relaxing.


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  2. Soil is not nessarily the answer. When M came and did a site clean up just before handover, our SS also brought in crusher dust and spread it around our site to improve draining. I could see a vast difference afterwards. We live on very reactive soil, which means lots of clay in the soil. I was concerend during the build that the ground around us when it rained would mean sogging ground, pools of water ponding up, but when they put down crusher dust, it made the site very dry, it was as if the water was flowing underneath the dust and I didn't have that sinking feeling when walking on wet ground. Since being turfed and landscaped, never known the ground to be too soft. It's probably complimented with the great draining system that is place also.