Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Have Building Approval

Got notification that Metricon have received our Building Approval - yippee! It has been checked for conditions by the Compliance Department and two items were found that need attention so there will be more variations to include these items. The first is rotary roof vents (whirly birds) and eave vents are required to ensure appropriate ventilation to the upper level because we are having a steel frame and roof sarking. The second item is to delete the rumble pit and connect the surface drains to the storm water line as requested by the certifier. Too easy but I guess that will cost us more money!
Sandy is off for a meeting with the bank today to look at our options for financing the construction loan. It'll be good to know exactly where we stand financially. Once all the variations arrive (yes we are still waiting to know how much we spent at Studio M!) we can finalise the loan and provide Metricon with all the necessary paperwork.

Hoping to hear about a tentative start date soon. Can't wait.


  1. That's strange you don't have a fixed price contract yet, when they are so close to making a start.

  2. Yes it's odd that the council have been able to get things organised before Metricon but they promised that we should have it before Easter

  3. Thats great news! Sounds like everything is falling into place. The house will start before you know it! Cant wait to see your house come together :)