Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waiting Waiting Waiting

It has been over 2 weeks since we did our colour selections and we are still waiting for the variations to be produced, costed and signed off. I emailed our new CSC who told me it normally takes 10-15 working days for them to generate the variations so it would be anytime now. Can't finalise the construction loan without the final figures so it looks like that won't be happening to after Easter now - shame as we were really hoping the build might start the end of April - born optimists see!!! I'm sure everything will unfold in its own time but it would be nice to have an indication of a start date.


  1. They always take their time. It's frustrating I know. You can sometimes lose sleep waiting for figures and especially because it affects your finance, so you need to do your part. As you said, thing will unfold in it's own time. Try not to stress about it, and enjoy the ride. And the end of it, you wonder why you even stressed over it and realise it went quite fast.

    Are you building on the Southside or Northside. We built on the southside of Brissy.

  2. Hi Rachel

    Don't worry, we paid our deposit in December 2008 and didn't sign final contract until September 2010! It will all happen in due course. In an earlier post I mentioned we're building the Lindrum in Melbourne, and you asked if we had a blog. Well I started one. It will take a while to get up to date since we've started building. You can follow it here: It's still a bit of work-in-progress as I get the hang of it.


  3. Sorry, I meant we paid our deposit in December 2009!