Sunday, April 3, 2011

Colour Selections at Studio M

So following straight on from tiles we headed over to Studio M for a 3 hour colour selections appointment. Again the sales consultant had all the paperwork prepared in advance and was organised, helpful and very efficient.

Started with bricks and roof which was no problem as we already had them chosen and included in our final contract. Austral metropolis stone for bricks and Linea charcoal roof tiles. Decided to go with off white mortar which is an upgrade of $2000. (Have not had the final price variation yet so everything at this stage is an estimate).
Standard gutters in monument and down pipes in colourbond dune. Rain tank also dune. Standard wide board cladding in you've guessed it ... dune. Panel board garage as standard yes its going to be dune. Outside done.
Bi fold door runners recessed into floor so you don't stub your toes or trip $280 each.
Grey tint to all windows front elevation $25/sqm. There is around 15sqm glass so works out to $375.
Getting a price for concrete and driveway so we can compare. I think we looked at Bushfire? for the colour.
Then we moved on to doors - walnut stain on all wood doors and stairs.
Handles as per promo but upgraded front door handled to the 750mm as the standard one was pretty small. Guessing an extra $350.
Deadlock for rear garage door $90.
Taps, basins, shower, toilet all as promo.
Kitchen 2 pac on part approx $3500-4000
Kitchen sink was wrong one in contract so I guess that will also be more money - we only knew this because the consultants confirm your choices by showing you pictures from the catalogues which we thought was excellent as that way you get exactly what you wanted.

We had already decided on all our laminates and caesarstone so that too was easy.
Timber stairs changed from cantilever to just timber saving around $3000
Carpet upgrade to silver range with best underlay an extra $20/sqm totalling $3220 went for a sisal effect in a mid brown tone called circuit.
Not much to go now....
Glass colour for robe in master bedroom and an off white paint colour through out. Yeah we made it!!

Another drink voucher and 30 mins for lunch later the paperwork is ready to sign off.
Oh but by the way the hot water heater that is included as standard is only good enough for one bathroom so you need to upgrade to a bigger system hmm I wonder how much that will be. Surely if they are doing plans for such a big house a suitable hot water system should be included in the base price?! I think she said it would be another $700 to have the storage heater that we opted for.

Guessing we have spent around $8500 in Studio M.

We were hoping to only spend an extra $15,000 in total for tiles, colours and electricals. Given that we have spent at least $9000 so far that would leave us around $6k for lights along with the $10K allowance we have included in the contract ($16K budget for electrics). Its going to be really tight as looking at our rough plans for lighting, sockets, and switches we both think we'll need more than that especially as we want a security system and possibly home network as well.

I will do another post with all the colour choices etc soon once I have paperwork and pictures seeing as we are mid house move so it is a little hectic right now and I'm not even sure which box they'd be in!!

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