Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tile Selections

Our tile appointment went really smoothly, we had made all our choices in 40 minutes. We picked all our tiles from the standard range included in our promotional package creating our look with shades of grey and brown throughout.
The consultant was very helpful and had all our plans marked and highlighted in different colours so we could see which was kitchen, floor, bathroom etc. After showing her a few photos on the laptop she knew exactly what we had in mind and was able to offer suggestions.
Colour Scheme for Bathrooms

The only things we upgraded was the edging strips to chrome (12 in total) and the grout as the standard colour is not that pretty.
As it was going to take an hour to do up paperwork we were given a tea/coffee voucher for the local cafe while we waited.

Once all paperwork was completed and signed we were given a copy and samples of the tiles we had selected.

Total spend approx $650

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